Apr 152013
Nagahama Hikiyama Matsuri - children kabuki theater

Kodomo kabuki (“children kabuki”) performances are the highlight of the festival in Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture. Every year on April 15th, children perform theatrical plays on movable stages.

Like in real kabuki theater, boys perform both male and female roles and like in real kabuki, they fully engage in their acting. They even have a loud claque applauding their appearances and poses.

Oct 232012
Mikawa Miya Matsuri (day 1)

Festival in Mikawa Miya—a small village on the shore of Pacific Ocean—has all rights to be called the most colorful in Japan.

On the first day, participants present their dance and arts as an offering to the shrine.

But the main event is towing massive parade floats into the sea, which takes place on the second day.

Jul 162012
Gion Matsuri Yomiyama – Festival's Eve

Kyoto is in a festive mood a few days before the large parade of floats.

In Yasaka Shrine, traditional kagura theater stages Japanese myths. Shijo street is full of food stalls and art performers. People come to visit the floats and buy good-luck charms chimaki.