Oct 242012
Mikawa Miya Matsuri (day 2)

On the second day of the Mikawa Miya Matsuri massive parade floats are pulled through the sea.

After weather check and receiving permission to enter the sea, participants start their journey from the shrine. They gather on the beach and pull the in a semicircle through the bay.

Sep 112012
Protecting the village with a big straw sandal at the Nakiri Waraji Matsuri

Once upon a time in Kumano Sea, lived a one-eyed giant called Dandara. His profession was similar to that of typical European dragon – he plundered, destroyed, and kidnapped young women.

Fishermen from a small village of Nakiri, went for an advice to a wise man, who suggested making a big straw sandal and throwing it to the sea. They did so.

When Dandara saw the floating sandal, he assumed that even a larger giant must be living nearby and became meek.

Nakiri residents do the trick every year since over 300 years and giant still is conned.

Aug 012012
Sumiyoshi Matsuri in Osaka

Sumiyoshi Taisha is one of the most important Japanese shrines. Though nowadays it lies in the boundaries of Osaka city, historically it has been more connected to the city of Sakai.The name of the latter means “the border,” and comes from the meeting point of three provinces.

During Sumiyoshi Festival, participants cross another border. They ford the Yamato River carrying a portable shrine mikoshi on their shoulders.

Jul 312012
Sakai Grand Evening Fish Market

Grand Evening Fish Market in Sakai organized one day before the Sumiyoshi Festival has 700 years of history.

Nowadays, it is a lively charity event in which many groups of volunteers participate. If you want to see it, don’t be late! It is so popular, that all the stock disappears within 15 minutes.