Jan 302013
Japanese archery ceremony in Kashihara Jingu

Momoteshiki is a ceremony performed by Ogasawara school of Japanese archery, usually in religious places as an offering.

In theory 10 archers shoot 10 series of arrows which sums up to 100 series which the ceremony draws its name from, but nowadays the exact number differs.

Japanese archery with a long bow and beautiful ceremonial costumes is definitely worth seeing.

Jan 152013
Archery contest in Sanjusangendo, Kyoto

O-mato Taikai is an annual archery event in Sanjusangendo Temple in Kyoto.

Thousands of girls who enter their adulthood come to Kyoto to shoot two arrows along the back veranda of the temple famous for its 1000 Buddha statues.

Apr 172012
Traditional Japanese archery in Asakusa

On the third weekend of April, in Asakusa, on the bank of Sumida River, two archery events take place. A traditional contest of shooting arrows at the plastic deer and yabusame – horseback archery.

Though closely following the etiquette, both show more competitive side of Japanese archery with judges and public rewarding hits rather than perfect form.