Apr 142013
Daigoji cherry blossom viewing

Over 400 years ago, a big and elaborate cherry blossom viewing party was held in Daigoji Temple by Toyotomi Hideyoshi – then the most powerful man in Japan. To commemorate the event, every year a festival with historical parade and art performances is organized in the same place.

Oct 172012
Sekigahara 2010 – regiment inspection

410 years ago, a decisive for the history of Japan battle took place.

In Sekigahara, on the crossroads of two important routes, armies of Ishida Mitsunari and Tokugawa Ieyasu fought against each other.

The result of the battle has not been determined by force, bravery, nor strategy. The winning factors were personal aversions, political calculations, and betrayal.

Aug 222012
Historical festival in Ichijodani

In 16th century, Japan was in the civil war period called Sengoku Jidai. Central government has lost its power, and provinces were managed by powerful warlords often fighting among themselves, entering and breaking alliances.

Memory about those times is still preserved by organizing historical festivals. One of them is Sengoku Matsuri in the ruins of Asakura clan in Ichijodani, present-day Fukui Prefecture.