Nov 072012
Peaceful festival of fight – Mori-no Matsuri in Shizuoka

In the late Edo period, in 19th century, during the festival in a small town of Mori on Akiha Kaido road, a riot broke out. Since that time, the festival has been called kenka matsuri – festival of fight.

Once a very violent festival, since 1970s is actively promoting safety. And indeed it is safe, even despite litres of alcohol poured into participants’ throats.

Oct 242012
Mikawa Miya Matsuri (day 2)

On the second day of the Mikawa Miya Matsuri massive parade floats are pulled through the sea.

After weather check and receiving permission to enter the sea, participants start their journey from the shrine. They gather on the beach and pull the in a semicircle through the bay.

Nagoya Matsuri

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Oct 162012
Nagoya Matsuri

Nagoya is renowned for its automobile and mechanical industries. Nagoya Festival originating in the Edo period confirms that this is for a good reason.

Main characteristic of the festival floats used here are mechanical dolls that perform dance, acrobat shows, or play mythical stories.

Despite stark contrast between modernity of Nagoya streets and wooden carts pulled by people, it gives a sense of continuity.

Jul 172012
Gion Matsuri – Yamaboko Float Parade

Gion Festival in Kyoto lasts for whole July, but its largest event is a procession of huge parade floats. They rise as much as 25 metres and weigh up to 12 tons.

Leading the parade is the highest float called Naginata-hoko carrying a boy in golden Phoenix-shaped crown, who is believed to be an incarnation of the deity.