Jul 252012
Awa odori at the Kagurazaka Matsuri

Kagurazaka is a neighborhood in Shinjuku. It abounds with foreigners, but is also a place where Tokyo geisha-houses are located.

In August a big festival is held here. It ends with a street performance of Awa Odori dance that originated in Tokushima prefecture on Shikoku island. In the evening, when summer heat subsides, groups of dancers display their skills in a few hour-long, lively parade.

May 312012

Waseda University and Keio University – two oldest private academies in Tokyo, have been competing with each other for years.

This competition is most clearly visible in sport events. They are called sokeisen (lit. “war between Waseda and Keio”). The most popular are rugby, baseball, and rowing competitions. Baseball sokeisen is the classic. It is a two-day match, held twice a year during a tournament of six Tokyo universities.

Waseda vs Keio baseball match

It gathers a lot of press, as usually next stars of professional baseball league play on the field.

At the same time, in the stands, a lively party takes place. Students and professors cheer on their teams.

Apr 012012
Waseda University – academic year start

April the 1st is an informal New Year’s Day in Japan. Around this time, temperatures rise and cherry trees blossom. It is also a beginning of a new fiscal year for companies and a start of an academic year for schools and universities.

Freshly baked Waseda University students come this day to their alma mater for official inauguration. At the campus, they are welcomed by members of almost a thousand sport, music, and other interest clubs.

First week of April at Waseda University is a continuous student rag. Musicians and cheerleaders draw everyone into a grand party.