Nov 072012
Shichi-go-san in Hamamatsu

Nowadays shrines from all over Japan advertise Shichi-go-san, but ceremonial visits to shrines with children have been traditionally limited to the Kanto area.

Hamamatsu is a town right in the middle between Kyoto and Tokyo, but because it used to be a fief of the first Tokugawa shogun, its customs are much closer to Tokyo and Shichi-go-san is very popular there.

Nov 072012
Peaceful festival of fight – Mori-no Matsuri in Shizuoka

In the late Edo period, in 19th century, during the festival in a small town of Mori on Akiha Kaido road, a riot broke out. Since that time, the festival has been called kenka matsuri – festival of fight.

Once a very violent festival, since 1970s is actively promoting safety. And indeed it is safe, even despite litres of alcohol poured into participants’ throats.