Apr 172013

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Apr 142013
Daigoji cherry blossom viewing

Over 400 years ago, a big and elaborate cherry blossom viewing party was held in Daigoji Temple by Toyotomi Hideyoshi – then the most powerful man in Japan. To commemorate the event, every year a festival with historical parade and art performances is organized in the same place.

Jan 152013
Archery contest in Sanjusangendo, Kyoto

O-mato Taikai is an annual archery event in Sanjusangendo Temple in Kyoto.

Thousands of girls who enter their adulthood come to Kyoto to shoot two arrows along the back veranda of the temple famous for its 1000 Buddha statues.

Dec 312012

Ringing the bell in Chion-in on New Year's Eve in KyotoOn December 31st the whole world sends fireworks to the sky, engages in heavy drinking and dancing. Meanwhile in Kyoto the New Year is welcomed in a much more serene atmosphere. One of the events of the evening is ringing the huge bell 108 times. One for each sin according to Buddhist believes.

Oct 012012
Kitano Tenmangu Zuiki Matsuri

“So how about decorating mikoshi shrine with vegetables and fruits?” – might be what a young priest in Kitano Tenmangu shrine answered to his superior back in 9th century, when being asked “Think something up to get people to our festival.”

Jul 242012
Gion Matsuri – Hanagasa Parade

Hana means “flower” in Japanese. Kasa means “an umbrella” but also a large straw hat, which protects from sun or rain.

In the Hanagasa Parade during the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, we can see both: large umbrellas and hats decorated with flowers. There is also a real treat for photographers and tourists – maiko – geisha apprentices all grouped together in a cart pulled by young men.

Jul 172012
Gion Matsuri – Yamaboko Float Parade

Gion Festival in Kyoto lasts for whole July, but its largest event is a procession of huge parade floats. They rise as much as 25 metres and weigh up to 12 tons.

Leading the parade is the highest float called Naginata-hoko carrying a boy in golden Phoenix-shaped crown, who is believed to be an incarnation of the deity.