Feb 012013
Chinese New Year in Kobe

Wherever there is a Chinatown in the world, Chinese New Year celebrations make it explode with music, firecrackers, and performances.

Nankinmachi Chinatown in Kobe is no exception. Lion dance, serpent dance, shows of Chinese acrobatics and martial arts gather enormous crowds.

Despite the crowd, the festival in this small, but very attractive place has a unique atmosphere.

Dec 142012
Ako Gishi Festival - commemorating 47 loyal retainers

The story of 47 ronin needs no introduction. Based on real incident in 1701, it is celebrated in every literary form. Spoken stories, books, manga, puppet theater, kabuki theater. Western audience is probably most familiar with movies by famous Japanese directors.

On December 14th, the city of Ako – former domain of Lord Asano – commemorates the vendetta in the form of a festival.